Forum Thread: Post your favorite songs or other media in here!

You can use this thread to recommend interesting songs or other media to other language learners.

Here is one of my favorites in German and it has lyrics in it as well.

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I like "Kim Bap" by Jadu (Korean):

For ten years we've lived together even though we are different
To list all those differences would be so tiring
In movies I am melodramas, you are Action
I am pizza, you are bean curd

Yes, there is one thing that is special to us: kimbap
We like kimbap
Kim and Bap (rice) are always together
I envy them so much

  • CHORUS *

Say it well, do it well
Like how kim sticks to bap (rice)
I'll stick with you
You know me, you know me
Always together just like kimbap
Until my heart breaks

A long time ago kimbap was just rice
But over the time cheese, tuna and kimchi were added
The world changes, kimbap changes too
Our love changes

  • Repeat

I love you, I love you
Until the day when this world pulls us apart
I'll love you for eternity
I'll stick by you till the end

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