News: Fun with Blogs!

Fun with Blogs!

Blogs are a gold mine

Some of the best sentences you will ever get when building your vocabulary can definitely come from blogs. The language and vocabulary usage in blogs is always changing to reflect how people talk in this day and age, and therefore are the perfect research tool for vocabulary sentence building.

Another huge advantage to blogs is that you can find them on absolutely any subject you are interested in in your target language. If you are interested in scuba diving and Norwegian for instance; or maybe fishing and Chinese. These articles and blogs are a great motivation, because you already know what you are learning about. 

Now, I don't know a lot of Norwegian or Chinese, but I was able to come across these two articles in the span of a few minutes. Here is how I was able to do it:

Step 1 Think of your interest

This is the easy part. What are you passionate about in your native language? Do you like a certain type of music? Do you enjoy cooking or video games? The more you can narrow down your niche, the more it will be easy to understand the 'lingo' used in your target language.

Step 2 Translate your interest

Figure out how your interest is translated into your target language. For the Norwegian example above I used a simple online dictionary and typed in 'scuba diving' to receive 'snorkling.'  After that I used Google search and searched only Norwegian sites for 'snorkling blog.' This gave me the search above.

For the Chinese example, I went to Google translate and typed in 'i love fishing' and translated it to Chinese (traditional) which gave me '?????' and 'blog' which returned '??.' I copied and pasted both of those with a space in between and googled it to get the above link.

Step 3 Google translate it

In Google Chrome it gives me the option to translate a whole page. I used this to make sure what I had searched for was what I wanted and was interesting. 


  • There may be instances where the blog has been written by a language learner or has mistakes. This is why it is imperative to RhinoSpike these sentences. People will see the mistakes and comment on them, as it will be hard for a native to read incorrect sentences.

Remember to go to the forums and request what language you would like me to do a video on! I will be creating a video for each of these steps.

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